Most frequent questions and answers

Royalty-Free is a licensing concept where you don’t have to pay any additional fees (royalties) for repeated use of the content after paying the initial licensing fee.

When you license an image, you do not own the copyright of the image; you merely purchase the rights to use that image legally without additional fees or interruption from the copyright owner as long as that the scope of use remains within the Stackstock License Agreement. Do note that royalty-free content cannot be distributed, resold or transferred to another owner.

This is a  feature whereby you can opt for purchasing a single image or video rather than purchasing a subscription from us. This is especially useful if you are only looking for a one-off image or audio from our collection.

The copyright is owned by Stackstock or its suppliers whereby Stackstock manages the copyright of the suppliers’ content on their behalf. When you pay for a subscription, we grant you the right to use the content you have downloaded according to our license agreement.

You can continue to use any royalty-free content that has been downloaded and used in projects. Everything you downloaded is yours to keep and use forever. However, you must not assume or deem the ownership and rights (including the copyright) in the content.

Stackstock royalty-free content can be used in many different types of project such as commercial or non-commercial websites, web banners, newsletters, PDF documents, blogs, emails, slideshows, standard-resolution TV and video presentations, and mobile phone apps.

Stackstock content can also accompany magazine articles, books, advertising, brochures, documents, illustrations, booklets, billboards, business cards, and packaging, high-resolution videos, and presentations where the value of the images is not the main value of the overall project.

No. You may not sell or giveaway the content you have downloaded, with or without an Extended License. Both our Standard and Extended License only grants you permission to use the content for yourself or for client work.

No, you’re welcome to browse and search without registering!

Your subscription will be automatically renewed if you are on our monthly or annual subscription plans. The auto renewal will occur within 24 hours of expiry.

You can do so by logging into your account, go to ‘Purchase Plan’ and click on the ‘Stop Subscription’ button. This will prevent your account from being automatically renewed once your subscription expires.

No, your account is personal to you, and usernames and passwords may not be shared.

Please ensure that your browser accepts cookies, and your firewall doesn’t block outgoing information. Ensure your caps lock is off, as the login and password fields are case sensitive. If you continue to experience problems, clear your cache and delete your Internet history. You should also speak to your network administrator to make sure there are no firewalls, VPN or proxy server settings blocking the Stackstock website.

The system will log you out automatically if it detects a simultaneous login with the same username elsewhere. Please note under our terms of use, you are not permitted to share your account with others.

Currently, you are unable to change your registered email yourself. To change your registered email, please contact us at support@stackstock.io with the following:

  • A proof of your ownership (such as a purchase invoice or receipt)
  • Current registered email
  • New email